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AC/RAILCOOL™ is a revolutionary product that travels with any refrigerant to seek out leaks in cooling systems. This product is ideal for direct pinhole repairs and the prevention of refrigerant leaks. The non-clogging, polymer free formula is proven and engineered for harsh and vibrating conditions.

  • Cool Air Eco FreindlyGuarenteed Permanent Seal
  • Ideal for Preventive Refrigerant Leak Mitigation or Direct Repairs
  • Stop Refrigerant Leaks for Unitized and Split HVAC Units
  • Compatible with R12, R134a, R407c
  • Polymer Free
  • Approved by OEM’s
  • Not Activated by Oxygen or Moisture
  • Non-clogging of all Components
  • Engineered for Rugged, Harsh and Vibrating Conditions

Dose: Approximately 2 0z (60 ml) on systems up to 10 tons.
4 oz (120 ml) up to 20 tons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]