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  • Different Products for Refrigerant Leaks

    MWalton Feb, 22, 2020

    Different Products for Refrigerant Leaks

    When it comes to HVAC repair and maintenance, no tool can act as a substitute for knowledge and experience. However, once you know what to look for and how to make repairs, using the best possible products for refrigerant leaks can go a long way in terms of making repairs that last. At Cool Air Products, we offer a wide range of products for refrigerant leaks that tackle every stage of a repair; from detecting and sealing pinholes to neutralizing acid and cleaning up afterward, Cool Air Products can help every step of the way. Here are some of the best products for refrigerant leaks offered by Cool Air Products.

  • Finding the Right AC Coil Cleaner Tab

    MWalton Feb, 14, 2020

    Finding the Right AC Coil Cleaner Tab

    Whether you are called out to fix a specific problem or you are merely checking up on a unit and providing preventative maintenance, having the right tools for the job is essential for HVAC technicians. Air conditioner coil cleaners are no exception, and finding the right AC coil cleaner tab for the job can be tricky. Cool Air Products offers a few coil cleaning products that are ideal for servicing units with a wide range of issues and considerations. You should use the most effective and efficient cleaners possible, and Cool Air Products has you covered. When you are on a service call and have to reach for an AC coil cleaner tab, be sure to use one of these top-of-the-line cleaners.

  • Put Your Trust in a Top Air Conditioner Repair Products Manufacturer

    MWalton Feb, 07, 2020

    Put Your Trust in a Top Air Conditioner Repair Products Manufacturer

    No matter where they work or what they specialize in, countless HVAC professionals take the utmost pride in the work that they do. It takes time and hard work to learn how to make accurate diagnoses and reliable repairs. You’ve worked hard to become the capable professional that you are, so shouldn’t your go-to air conditioner repair products manufacturer work just as hard? At Cool Air Products, we think the answer is a resounding “yes,” which is why we put time and energy into researching, designing, and producing top-of-the-line diagnostic and repair products that you and your clients can rely upon. When you are providing your customers with top-notch service, you cannot simply grab the cheapest product possible and expect your repairs to last. When you stock your toolbox with items from Cool Air Products, you are giving your clients the high-end service you can expect from a top air conditioner repair products manufacturer.

  • What to Look for in Internal HVAC Repair Products

    MWalton Jan, 31, 2020

    What to Look for in Internal HVAC Repair Products

    There are so many conflicting opinions on injectable leak sealants and other internal HVAC repair products that it can be challenging to know where to turn. While some of these materials are excellent for diagnosing and repairing problems in AC/R systems, not every product makes a healthy addition to your clients’ units. Although the HVAC repair products from Cool Air Products are designed to keep your clients’ systems running smoothly, competitors’ inferior products often contain materials that are harmful to HVAC systems. Here are a few things to look for when choosing internal HVAC repair products.

  • How to Detect and Remove AC Acid

    MWalton Jan, 25, 2020

    How to Detect and Remove AC Acid

    If your client’s unit is suffering from a blown compressor motor, they likely have AC acid in their system. If left untreated, this acid can cause or worsen corrosion, damage components, and harm any replacement compressor parts that you install. For these reasons, AC/R professionals know the importance of treating AC acid swiftly and thoroughly. HVAC technicians must be able to accurately detect acid in lubricants and remove all acidic residues from a system for their repairs to be effective. Read on to see how you can effectively detect and remove AC acid in AC/R systems so that you can make lasting repairs.

  • Causes of AC Corrosion and How to Address Them

    MWalton Jan, 17, 2020

    Causes of AC Corrosion and How to Address Them

    As HVAC professionals know, AC/R systems with copper coils are ubiquitous in day-to-day life. Unfortunately, pros also know that AC corrosion causes these systems to become inefficient and fail over time. There are plenty of contributing factors that lead to AC corrosion and refrigerant leakage. Knowing your clients’ risk factors and being able to determine the root cause of formicary corrosion in their units is crucial. In this week’s blog, we discuss some of the leading causes of AC corrosion as well as detection and repair methods for subsequent pinhole leaks.

  • Why High-Quality Air Conditioner Coil Cleaners Are Essential

    MWalton Jan, 10, 2020

    Why High-Quality Air Conditioner Coil Cleaners Are Essential

    The benefits of keeping air conditioner coils clean are insurmountable. Not only do these systems end up requiring less service over time, but they also perform efficiently and effectively. Annual, or ideally seasonal, maintenance can be crucial, and keeping air conditioner coils clean is one such necessary task. Keeping those copper coils nice and clean helps maximize performance and ensure an A/C unit is working as it should. That said, whenever one takes on the task of cleaning A/C evaporator coils, you want to make sure you’re using the best of the best. High-quality products are key to getting the job done right, especially when it comes to choosing the proper air conditioner coil cleaners.

  • AC Leak Sealant Myths

    MWalton Jan, 03, 2020

    AC Leak Sealant Myths

    If you are an HVAC professional, you have likely stumbled upon some heated discussions about the efficacy of AC leak sealants. Both online and in-person, debate among AC/R professionals rages over whether or not AC leak sealants can be used to effectively and safely seal holes in HVAC systems. There are a few myths surrounding AC leak sealants, and we will debunk some of these myths in this week’s blog. Take a seat and get ready to dive into the facts and myths of leak sealants!

  • Fixing Leaks With Air Conditioner Repair Putty

    MWalton Dec, 28, 2019

    Fixing Leaks With Air Conditioner Repair Putty

    When AC/R professionals are out making repairs for their customers, they can run into a wide range of issues. Pinhole leaks and holes in HVAC units have a variety of causes, and there are plenty of ways to address these problems and fix the leaks. Once the underlying issue is resolved, AC/R technicians have to choose how they will repair holes in a system. External sealants such as air conditioner repair putty are just one type of AC repair product, and AC SmartSeal External is a tool that you can use to make repairs that last. Help your clients put a stop to refrigerant leaks with a top-of-the-line air conditioner repair putty, AC SmartSeal External!

  • Keep Your Car’s AC Running Smoothly with AC SmartSeal Auto

    MWalton Dec, 20, 2019

    Keep Your Car’s AC Running Smoothly with AC SmartSeal Auto

    Although people in many places throughout the U.S. are longing for warmer weather, there are plenty of drivers who report problems with their car’s air conditioner year-round. Any driver’s worst nightmare is getting into a hot car only to realize that the air coming out of their vents refuses to cool down. AC leaks are often the culprit, and repairing these leaks can be a challenge. Whether you are working on your own vehicle or you’re a mechanic by trade, keep reading to learn more about what AC SmartSeal Auto can do for AC/R systems in cars.

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