Brillant UVE Dye, Solvent Free

Eco transparent

Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for A/C and Refrigeration Systems

BRILLIANT is a fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye that provides safe, fast and
precise detection of small Refrigerant Gas leaks from A/C
and Refrigeration Systems.

BRILLIANT injected into AC/R System will fluoresce under illumination with a
UV lamp wherever there is a refrigerant leak.


  • Precisely locate Refrigerant Gas Leaks
  • Solvent-free
  • Visible to any UV Light
  • Ideal for preventative purposes
  • Advice Stickers
  • Will not clog AC/R or Recovery System
  • Compatible with all Refrigerant Gases, including CFC, HFC and HCFC, R32, R1234yf

Product # TR1058.01.P1
1/4 fl oz (7,5 mL) – 12 CARTRIDGES