Different Products for Refrigerant Leaks

Different Products for Refrigerant Leaks

Different Products for Refrigerant Leaks

Here are a few products for refrigerant leaks offered by Cool Air Products that can help you at every step of the repair process.

When it comes to HVAC repair and maintenance, no tool can act as a substitute for knowledge and experience. However, once you know what to look for and how to make repairs, using the best possible products for refrigerant leaks can go a long way in terms of making repairs that last. At Cool Air Products, we offer a wide range of products for refrigerant leaks that tackle every stage of a repair; from detecting and sealing pinholes to neutralizing acid and cleaning up afterward, Cool Air Products can help every step of the way. Here are some of the best products for refrigerant leaks offered by Cool Air Products.

Locate Refrigerant Leaks

There are a few ways to find the precise location of a refrigerant leak, and methods that utilize UV dye can give AC/R professionals an edge. Brilliant and Best Bubbles Fluo are two leak detection products designed by Cool Air, and they both contain UV dye for easy leak detection. Brilliant is an injectable leak detector, and Best Bubbles Fluo is a spray that improves upon the age-old soap bubble test. Simply use these products according to the manufacturer’s directions and expose the system to a UV light for easy detection.

Address the Causes of Corrosion

For any leak repair to last, you need to address the underlying causes of corrosion. Acid is one of these causes, and HVAC professionals can use Cool Air’s Acid-Test to confirm. Once acid has been confirmed present in an AC/R system, technicians can use No-Acid to neutralize any acidic residues in the system. These steps are particularly necessary for units that have experienced a motor failure, as the high temperatures caused by a motor burning out can create acidic compounds in a system. Without removing these acidic residues, corrosion will continue to create more leaks.

Use the Best Repair Products for Refrigerant Leaks

Finally, HVAC professionals must use a leak repair product that they can trust. Whether you choose an internal sealant, an external sealant, or both, you must be sure to use the highest-quality products possible and apply them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

HVAC Repair Products That You Can Trust to Get the Job Done Right

Cool Air Products manufactures high-quality HVAC repair products that are designed with HVAC and AC/R professionals in mind. We work with wholesalers around the country to distribute quality repair materials that are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for the user.

Cool Air’s founders are professionals with over 50 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing, and wholesale distribution. We offer AC/R specialty chemicals, leak sealants, performance chemicals, heat absorption products, and more, all using the latest technology available on the market.

Contact Cool Air Products online or by phone at (443)325-7202 to learn more about our products. Be sure to visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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