PH7 Cleaner – Non-Aggressive Evaporator Cleaner

PH7 CLEANER is a delicate and ready-to-use broad-spectrum cleaner, with a special formulation that allows pH balance to work both on grease and salty dirt. Thanks to this technology, PH7 CLEANER is able to adapt and clean any type of surface to be treated. Its fast action allows to act effectively and deeply on rust, scales, grease and organic debris which will be easily removed once rinsed. Moreover, PH7 CLEANER neutralizes any kind of unpleasant odor from the evaporators.


  • Effective cleaner against all types of dirt
  • It quickly removes rust, encrustations, scales and organic debris
  • Non-corrosive, thanks to its neutral pH
  • It neutralizes all the unpleasant odors

Product #AB1219.K.01
34 fl oz (1 Litre) Spray Bottle

Product #AB1219.UP.01
1 gal (3,78 Litres) Tank

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