High-pressure water jet for air conditioner cleaning

Lighten Your Load with the JET GUN from Cool Air Products

JET GUN is a practical portable high-pressure water jet machine with a shoulder strap specifically designed and tested to be used indifferently with acid, alkaline cleaners, and water for cleaning indoor and outdoor air conditioner units.

This HVAC pressure washer comes with 3 re-sealable bags that can be filled with acid or alkaline cleaners or water and can be used and interchanged quickly according to the desired application.

JET GUN works with a rechargeable battery that allows uninterrupted use for 30 minutes. Thanks to the 6 BAR pressure (85psi) JET GUN increases the cleansing power of the cleaners without damaging the finned batteries of the evaporator and condenser units. An adjustable spray tip converts from steam to mist the liquid, making it easy to get your AC cleaning done with a pressure washer.


  • Long-Lasting Power

    Battery-powered for up to 30 minutes of continuous use.

  • Flow Control

    Adjustable spray tip converts flow from stream to mist, depending on the amount of power you need.

  • Lightweight

    Designed for use with our concentrated cleaners. Mix with water once you’re on the roof to lighten your load.

  • Keep Solutions Separate

    Three re-sealable and interchangeable bags to keep acid, alkaline, and water solutions separate.

  • Rechargeable Battery

    12V-2200 mAh lead rechargeable battery. The charger comes with the product.

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