Seal Up – A/C Joint Sealant – Warranty Seal

SEALUP is a joint sealant for A/C systems that forms a chemically resistant film over the threads. It remains flexible, adheres to internal surfaces filling all micro voids. Ideal on plastic and metal materials subject to extreme vibrations. It works from a temperature of -130° F to +392° F. Resistant both in vacuum and with pressures up to 7250 Psi. Applied to threaded and flanged joints and gaskets SEALUP adheres to surfaces and forms a tight seal, flexible but long-lasting. It prevents leaks from the pipe joints, fittings and bolts. It resists in contact to multiple chemicals including refrigerant gases, fuel gases, lubricants, fuels, solvents and industrial gases.


  • Prevents leaks
  • Allows the reopening of the joints
  • Easily removable

Product # TR1157.Y.01
50 mL Tube

Intertek Eco Friendly