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Small Repair Products for HVAC Professionals That Pack a Punch
Small Repair Products for HVAC Professionals That Pack a Punch

This week, we explore some small repair products for HVAC professionals that can make a massive impact in the field.

Despite rampant business closures and shelter-in-place orders in many states, many HVAC professionals are still hard at work around the country. As essential personnel, they are working hard to keep AC/R systems up and running. In times like these, stocking the highest-quality repair products for HVAC professionals is crucial, and concentrated formulas and easy-to-store products make it easy to stock up and carry everything you need. This week, we will explore some of the small repair products for HVAC professionals that can make a massive impact in the field.

On-The-Go Diagnostic Tools

When you are trying to diagnose a system, it is a hassle to haul out a nitrogen tank or laboratory acid test to every worksite. Cool Air Products has designed an injectable leak detection project, Brilliant, that seeks out leaks in a system and fluoresces under a UV light. Brilliant comes in ultra-portable 7.5mL cartridges. For those times when technicians suspect acid in a system, Cool Air’s Acid-Test is a pocket-sized testing set that contains four vials of testing liquid and provides results in seconds. Acid-Test is compatible with all lubricants and is an essential tool for any HVAC professional’s toolkit.

Cleaning Products

Calcareous buildups, algae, and other residues can impede the function of any AC/R unit, and removing these compounds can make a system run like new and prevent future damage. For dirty condensers, Cool Air Products has created Acid Tabs and Alkaline Tabs. These small tablets dissolve in water for easy cleaning and storage, and one tablet (when mixed with one gallon of water) creates a gallon of cleaning fluid.

Concentrated Stop Leak Products

Finally, Cool Air Products has a wide range of leak repair products for HVAC professionals. AC SmartSeal, AC SmartSeal Auto, and AC SmartSeal Quick Shot are injectable leak sealants that require a minimal amount of product to treat an entire system. Each formula is highly concentrated and packaged into small, easy-to-store cartridges. For technicians that prefer external stop leak products, AC SmartSeal External is a putty that you can easily throw into your toolbox or work truck. Simply knead the putty, apply as directed, and enjoy the results of a permanent seal.

HVAC Repair Products That You Can Trust to Get the Job Done Right

Cool Air Products manufactures high-quality HVAC repair products that are designed with HVAC and AC/R professionals in mind. We work with wholesalers around the country to distribute quality repair materials that are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for the user.

Cool Air’s founders are professionals with over 50 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing, and wholesale distribution. We offer AC/R specialty chemicals, leak sealants, performance chemicals, heat absorption products, and more, all using the latest technology available on the market.

Contact Cool Air Products online or by phone at (443)325-7202 to learn more about our products. Be sure to visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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