What to Look For in Air Conditioner Leak Sealants

What to Look For in Air Conditioner Leak Sealants

What to Look For in Air Conditioner Leak Sealants

Read on to learn about the characteristics of high-quality air conditioner leak sealants.

If you have been using the same AC repair products for a long time, you may be wondering if there are better air conditioner leak sealants out there. What makes an AC leak sealant suitable? Many HVAC professionals have similar thoughts on the subject: a product should be healthy and safe to use, it should seal leaks permanently without clogging equipment or creating damage, and it should be a simple and cost-effective tool. Read on to learn about the characteristics of high-quality air conditioner leak sealants.

Non-Toxic to Technicians and Customers

At the top of the list of concerns for HVAC technicians is the safety of a product. Nothing is worth compromising your safety or the long-term safety of your customers. Any air conditioner leak sealant that resides in your toolkit should be entirely safe for you to administer, and it should have no adverse health effects for people exposed to the AC/R units you service. Not only do all of the leak sealants from Cool Air Products meet these standards, but they are also healthy for our planet. Much of the product packaging can be recycled, and repairing leaks in AC/R systems as opposed to replacing the systems entirely cuts down on waste.


Many technicians, manufacturers, and HVAC professionals agree that polymers in leak stop products are generally detrimental. Polymers can clog valves and tubes, damage systems over time, and damage diagnostic tools. Because of this, Cool Air Products has created a line of air conditioner leak sealants that are 100% polymer-free. All AC SmartSeal products are polymer-free, allowing you to create a fast, permanent seal without compromising the performance of AC/R systems or diagnostic equipment.

Simple and Cost-Effective Repairs

The AC SmartSeal family of products are all quick and easy to use, allowing you to create permanent repairs quickly and with a small amount of product. AC SmartSeal comes in an easy-to-use syringe, and 0.20 oz treats systems up to six tons. The reusable injection tool and syringes of AC SmartSeal are small, easy to carry, and make a great addition to any HVAC professional’s tool kit.

HVAC Repair Products That You Can Trust to Get the Job Done Right

Cool Air Products manufactures high-quality HVAC repair products that are designed with HVAC and AC/R professionals in mind. We work with wholesalers around the country to distribute quality repair materials that are 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for the user.

Cool Air’s founders are professionals with over 50 years of experience in HVAC, plumbing, and wholesale distribution. We offer AC/R specialty chemicals, leak sealants, performance chemicals, heat absorption products, and more, all using the latest technology available on the market.

Contact Cool Air Products online or by phone at (443)325-7202 to learn more about our products. Be sure to visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

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