AC Leak Sealant

At Cool Air Product, we understand how troublesome air conditioning leaks can be. When there is a leak in your HVAC system, you need it repaired quickly. That’s why we created our line of AC leak sealants. Not only are they supremely effective, but they are also eco-friendly. Browse our selection of AC leak sealants and see which one works best for your needs.

AC Smart Seal QuickShot


Our newest technology ideal for direct pinhole repairs and the prevention of refrigerant leaks.

  • No pump-down required
  • Re-usable injection hose
  • 100% green product
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, and safe to use



New external sealant available!

  • Seal leaks up to 5mm
  • Holds up to 825psi
Jet Gun from Cool Air Products

Jet Gun

A practical, portable high-pressure jet washing machine:

  • Up to 30 min’s run time on battery
  • Battery features: 12 V-2200 mAh lead rechargeable battery
  • Working pressure: 6 BAR (85 psi)