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No Acid

No Acid completely eliminates acid residues from air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Normal dosage rate is only .2 oz for up to one gallon of system. This means far less material has to be added to the systems. NO-ACID protects the compressor preventing its failure, it stabilizes the PH level of the lubricant and even neutralizes the acid in the recovery station.

Product Number: TR1175.AL.01.S2

WARNING: A must-use after the replacement of an AC/R compressor. The fluorine included in every refrigerant gas bonds with the excess in moisture, forming fluoridric acid that damages the compressor and the other vulnerable parts of the system.


Product Info​

  • Neutralizes the acid in the A/C system

  • Extends the life span of the compressor

  • Safe for the recovery unit

  • Prevents future acid formations

  • Compatible with all oils and refrigerants

  • Half the dose needed versus other brands

  • Easy to use

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