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AC SmartShot is a performance enhancer composed of two catalysts and a lubricating agent which enable the AC/R to work at maximum efficiency.

Product Number: 410

Product Info


Benefits of our AC enhancer:

  • Brings back the effectiveness of the AC/R system to its original condition

  • Improves coil heat transfer up to 70%

  • Increases cooling capacity by 20-30%

  • Produces colder air – Up to 5°F

  • In heat-pump mode produces hotter air – Up to 5°F

  • Increases the lubricity of compressor lubricant up to 54%

  • Dissolves sludge buildup on bearing and valve surfaces

  • Reduces CO2 emission

  • Reduces compressor vibration and noise

  • Extends life of system by 20-50%

  • Visible to any UV light

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