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AC SmartSeal Auto is an auto HVAC leak sealer which represents the evolution of AC SmartSeal, with a higher effectiveness that has allowed the reduction of the dosage to be used within the unit. Specifically designed to permanently repair leaks both in rubber and metal parts of a system, AC SmartSeal Auto guarantees a total seal for leaks. Its mechanical action works within the unit, without any kind of chemical reaction.


AC SmartSeal Auto is polymer free: it is not reactive to oxygen and moisture and is suitable for any type of lubricant and refrigerant gas. While designing it, attention was paid to the new ecological refrigerant gases R1234yf, R1234ze.

Product Number: 510


Product Info


AC SmartSeal Auto is an effective HVAC leak sealer that has been widely tested on many models of compressors to ensure the normal operation. It has been shown that there is a reduction of the compressor noise. Similar evidence was found in the interaction with the recovery station that is neither clogged nor damaged.


AC SmartSeal Auto particles are similar to the lubricant and refrigerant gases.


AC SmartSeal Auto does not stop inside the drier filter and does not accumulate in the expansion valve.

Instructions for Use



  1. Start the engine of the vehicle.

  2. Turn the air conditioning on and set the lowest temperature.

  3. Locate the low-pressure charging port of the A/C system.

  4. Connect the cartridge of SmartSeal through the specific adapter for either type of refrigerant.

  5. Introduce SmartSeal in the system.

  6. Run the A/C System in this condition for at least 30 minutes.

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