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Jet Gun
High-Pressure Water Jet for Air Conditioning Cleaning

Jet Gun is a practical portable high-pressure water jet machine with a shoulder strap specifically designed and tested to be used indifferently with acid, alkaline cleaners, and water for cleaning indoor and outdoor air conditioner units.

Product Number: VP1050.01


Product Info​

  • Battery-powered for up to 30 minutes of continuous use

  • Adjustable spray tip converts flow from stream to mist, depending on the amount of power you need

  • Designed for use with our concentrated cleaners. Mix with water once you’re on the roof to lighten your load

  • Three re-sealable and interchangeable bags to keep acid, alkaline, and water solutions separate

  • 12V-2200 mAh lead rechargeable battery, charger included

*Note replacement parts are listed in the manual

Product Documentation


User's Manual


User's Manual

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