Constant Drain Flow Maintenance

Combat P-Trap

Designed By Techs, For Techs

Achieve constant drain flow maintenance through unique condensate drain line treatment tablet dispensing method. Eliminate or prevent blockages of condensation drain lines due to buildup of bacteria, slime, rust, scale, sludge, airborne dust, silt, and algae.
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Dealer Design Award and Patent for P-Trap

Supporting Our Veterans

Our mission is to donate a portion of product sales to benefit Combat Veterans with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries).
There are over 2.3 million American Veterans who served in the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. Over 20% suffer from PTSD, 19% suffer from TBI, and over 7% suffer from both. Each day, 22 Veterans suffering from PTSD commit suicide.
We want to help prevent these tragedies for those who have permanently and dramatically different lives upon returning to civilian life. A portion of these proceeds will go directly to privately funding tools to help Veterans cope with their new lives.
A part of the proceeds from Combat P-Trap sales support our veterans.

Combat P-Trap – How it Works

  1. To clear blockage, simply remove cap and basket. Use preferred type of device (vacuum, CO2 gun, Nitrogen).
  2. Ball valve can be closed for cleaning. No need for cutting drain line.
  3. Fits our Combat Tabs and all chlorine tabs on the market.
  4. Easily insulated with standard insulation.
  5. The P-Trap helps reduce noise by decreasing reverberations of airflow and draining condensate.
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