Air Conditioning Leak Sealant

AC SmartSeal ™ is a revolutionary product that travels with any refrigerant to seek out leaks in cooling systems.  This product is ideal for direct pinhole repairs and the prevention of refrigerant leaks. The non-clogging, polymer-free formula is proven and engineered for harsh and vibrating conditions.

Dose: Approximately 2 0z (60 ml) on systems up to 10 tons. 4 oz (120 ml) up to 20 tons.

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AC SmartSeal Features

  • Guaranteed Permanent Seal

  • Compatible with all Refrigerants

  • Approved by OEM’s

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AC SmartSeal Instructions

Dose: Approximately 2 oz (60 ml) on systems up to 10 tons. 4 oz (120 ml) up to 20 tons.

  1. Use under 40 psi.  If needed, perform a pump down by closing high side valve to reduce low side pressure.
  2. Connect male adapter to end of syringe, and purge air out of hose by pushing sealant through clear hose.
  3. Connect female adapter to low-pressure port side and push in with the syringe plunger.
  4. Allow 30 minutes for the seal to take place with system running.

*Cannot be used on high (liquid) side, only low side.

This air conditioner seal is a revolutionary product that will find and seal leaks of all sizes.

AC SmartSeal