Stop Heat

Reusable Heat Absorption Putty

During soldering and brazing operations, STOP-HEAT blocks the heat conduction, protecting surfaces and preventing areas surrounding the welding point from burning or deforming. Its formula in paste adheres without dripping, slipping, or leaving residues, protecting also the painted and varnished surfaces by color changes.

Product # TR1173.01
17.6 fl oz (500gr) Jar

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Stop Heat Features

  • Simple to Use, Mix, and Re-use

  • Absorbs the heat from the welding or soldering torch preventing the areas surrounding the affected point to burn or deform

  • Protects components and materials during welding operations to avoid costly damages caused by heat

  • It does not drip or slip and is reusable for life

  • Blocks direct heat up to 3000°F STOP HEAT